Re-keying Locks

High-security locks

Our iron-clad locks are nearly impossible to break. Whether it’s a home or an office building, our locks will keep you and your people safe at all times.


nstead of changing the locks, our technicians can replace old keys with new ones to keep you secure within your living space. We do this vigilantly to ensure that no damage is done to the doors.

Opening of locks

Our professionals can resolve lock-out emergencies at incredible speeds. Regardless of the type of lock being worked on, we guarantee that our service will satisfy your needs.

Lock repairs

We fix broken, rusted, and faulty locks in your home or business facility to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access.


Our top-notch locks can be used to secure doors, windows, safes, and even entire areas. We install your desired locking systems to maximize your security and convenience.

Re-keying Locks

Locks keep the outside world from entering your living area. They provide a sense of comfort by securing your loved ones. Be it your home or commercial unit, you reserve the right to enter your property through the keys you own. Naturally, these keys are of paramount importance as they determine whether you’ll be able to access a certain area. This is exactly why people try their best to keep the keys with themselves when they leave the house. However, unwanted incidents can always happen and people can sometimes, lose their keys. On the other hand, locks can become damaged due to a variety of factors. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, your locks are more likely to get rusted. In such cases, the damage done can render the key useless, and the only option left is repairing.

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    Access Control

    Professional solutions that make your old locks as good as new

    Repairing a lock is no easy feat. It requires a lot of expertise to overcome the complexities. Moreover, every locking system is different; thus, resetting it can feel like quite a challenge. At Los Angeles Locksmith 24/7, our professionals are capable of delivering impeccable solutions no matter how complex the problem. We use the best technologies and tools to solve your locking issues. At the same time, we’re very careful when it comes to handling your doors, safes, windows, and more. Our goal is to resolve the issue without damaging any surrounding parts. Moreover, our customer service speaks for itself just like our repair capabilities. We follow every instruction and make sure that your satisfaction is never compromised.

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