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Malibu is famous for its amazing beaches which is why it attracts thousands of people from across the country every year. From business professionals to tourists, everyone comes to Malibu to have a good time. Naturally, the security of all these people is regarded as the top priority by the companies hosting them. Intruders of the 21st century are smarter than they used to be which means that individuals now have to take extra measures to ensure their safety. The best way to do that is through a robust locking system that is pick-proof and reliable.


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At Los Angeles Locksmith 24/7, we offer effective security systems that will keep your peace of mind in check at all times. Thus, you can leave your home or business facility without worrying about intruders gaining access. Malibu residents are diverse in various ways which is why their needs, too, are different. However, our extensive range of locksmith solutions offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a high-end digital access system or a simple installation of locks on doors, we’ve got you covered.
Our high-security locks are based on robust technologies that reduce the chances of a break-in to a minimum.

High-Security Locks

Our rekeying services don’t require you to replace your locks! This service allows you to keep one key for opening/closing various doors and windows without having to carry a bunch.

Lock Rekeying

Whether your door is jammed or your key is stuck, we can easily open any locks. Our technicians know how to successfully resolve lockout emergencies in no time.

Opening of Locks

If your lock has stopped working, you must get it fixed! Verily, we provide the kind of repairs that will last a long time.

Lock Repairs

We install brand new locking systems for your home, office, or business facility so that these spaces are always secured.

Lock Installation

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