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You’ve put your blood and sweat into your business. After all, it’s a result of your hard work and unwavering dedication so you must protect it in every way possible. Most entrepreneurs never focus on the dangers of an unsecured commercial building. As your business grows, it becomes more vulnerable to prying eyes. This is because an expanding or well-known venture makes more money, and is thus, more inviting to people with ill intent. So, while you invest in hefty software to protect your digital data, you should not forget about all the documentation that may compromise you if it falls in the wrong hands. Moreover, if you keep cash at the store, your top priority should be to eliminate all possibilities of unauthorized access.


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High-security Locks

Our iron-clad locks are nearly impossible to break. Whether it’s a home or an office building, our locks will keep you and your people safe at all times.

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Lock Rekeying

instead of changing the locks, our technicians can replace old keys with new ones to keep you secure within your living space. We do this vigilantly to ensure that no damage is done to the doors.

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Opening of Locks

Our professionals can resolve lock-out emergencies at incredible speeds. Regardless of the type of lock being worked on, we guarantee that our service will satisfy your needs.

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Lock Repairs

We fix broken, rusted, and faulty locks in your home or business facility to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access.

A smart lock can improve home security.

Installation Services

Our top-notch locks can be used to secure doors, windows, safes, and even entire areas. We install your desired locking systems to maximize your security and convenience.

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We Protect Your Business The Right Way

Regardless of the industry you operate in, your business needs an effective security system. Not all companies are alike and it’s important to install the kind of locking system that your employees can adapt to. At Los Angeles Locksmith 24/7, you can choose from any type of entry system that you want. We install door closers, door openers, push bars, panic bars, and more. Rest assured, our technicians use the best equipment that guarantees foolproof locking mechanisms. If your current locking system is old, you need to get it replaced by something that won’t suddenly stop functioning. Moreover, lack of maintenance can also degrade the functionality of your entry system. Verily, we provide robust lock installation and maintenance services for your peace of mind. Our security system installation is far superior to alternatives in the market. To top it off, we work according to your availability. Our round-the-clock services are flexible and can be altered to complement your schedule.

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