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Traditional locking mechanisms are gradually becoming outdated in the modern era. With recent strides in technology, there are many more innovative alternatives available. For commercial units and office buildings – where hundreds of people come and go every day – conventional door locking can prove ineffective. Moreover, these lend to wasted time due to physical checks that can easily take some minutes upon each entry. With access control systems, however, people no longer have to wait around for slow entry facilities. At Los Angeles Locksmith 24/7, we provide robust access control systems that use low voltage electric power. In many cases, this can help you save thousands on your electricity bill every month. Plus, when it comes to running a building on an electric generator, our access control system performs optimally for a very long time. All of this combined ensures that your safety is never compromised.


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Electric Strikes

For added security, we can install electric strikes on your office building doors. These can be installed on wood or metal door frames.

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Lock Rekeying

Rather than changing your entire lock set, our technicians can replace old keys with new ones to keep you secure within your living space. We do this vigilantly to ensure that no damage is done to the doors.

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Video Doorbell System

Do you need to see who is at the door? We offer Door Bird Intercom systems. With a push of a button, you'll get visual confirmation. Then, you can unlock the door to allow for entry.

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Stand-Alone Keypad Locks

Smart locks, push button locks, and keypad locks are perfect for offices and homes. These locks require a key code to gain entry. Contact us for a quote.

A smart lock can improve home security.

Badge Reader Systems

Controlling access is always difficult. With a key fob or key card and an access control system, you can add or remove users, monitor user logs, and more.

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We Protect Your Business The Right Way

When you hire us to do the job, we maintain access privileges for authorized personnel with electric strikes or maglocks. Anyone without these is denied access by the system, thus, ensuring that no theft or damages occur. Our keyless entry system not only enables business security optimization but also helps keep track of the people coming in and going out. We offer round-the-clock installation and maintenance services to guarantee that every access point is breach-free. Depending on the type of your business, we can customize our package to fit your specific needs. After all, it’s about the safety of your company so you should have full control of how the access control systems work.

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